10 Actors Michael Schur Keeps Casting In His Shows

2022-05-14 21:17:37 By : Ms. Binger Binger

Michael Schur frequently hires the same actors to appear in his successful TV shows.

Michael Schur is one of the most prolific showrunners in sitcom history, producing popular shows like The Office, Parks And Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Good Place. He also knows talent when he sees it, and he rotates many actors throughout his various shows.

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Many of the actors in his shows have commented on how wonderful Schur is, so it's no wonder they're willing to keep coming back to play minor roles in his TV shows. Schur's show with the most cameos is Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as it's the easiest to introduce characters for a short time.

Andy Samberg stars as Detective Jake Peralta in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of the best detectives in the precinct despite his immature and reckless nature. Samberg plays the lovable goofball perfectly and brings laughter to the lives of his coworkers.

Samberg briefly guest stars in an episode of Parks And Recreation as Park Ranger Carl. Carl is loud and abrasive and drives Leslie and Gerry around on a golf cart (with Tom running alongside it) for a park tour. Samberg's talents certainly shine more in his starring role, but it's fun to see him make an appearance in another show.

Craig Robinson is most known for his role as Darryl Philbin on The Office. Darryl is a suave and intelligent warehouse worker who makes his way up to having his own office and pitching ideas to the CEO of Sabre.

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Robinson also frequently guest stars on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Doug Judy/the Pontiac Bandit. As a notorious car thief, he is Jake Peralta's arch-nemesis. He escapes Peralta's grasps more times than fans can count in increasingly extravagant ways, but somehow the two always find each other. While Darryl is a great character, Doug Judy is hilarious and allows Robinson to better show off his comedic talents.

Marc Evan Jackson stars in The Good Place as Shawn, the demon who runs the Bad Place. He makes it his goal to torture the four humans with powerful devices. He openly despises Michael, Eleanor, and anyone else who disobeys him. He also has a recurring role as Kevin Cozner, Captain Holt's husband, in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Kevin has a taste for classical music and the finer things in life. Jackson makes a few minor appearances in Parks And Recreation as Trevor Nelsson, an attorney in Pawnee. Jackson portrays a stoic, humorless character remarkably well, as all of his characters in Schur's shows fit the same mold.

Oscar Nunez is most known for his role of Oscar Martinez in The Office, the employee who keeps the accounting department together. He is intelligent, blunt, one of the most mature characters, and gives his coworkers the truth no matter what.

Nunez also briefly portrayed Dr. Porp in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, who diagnosed Captain Holt and Peralta with Mumps. Although his cameo was short, Dr. Porp is similar to Oscar because he didn't beat around the bush. Of course, no character of Nunez's will ever beat Oscar Martinez, but it's great to see him in other roles.

Jason Mantzoukas portrays Derek in The Good Place. Janet created Derek to help her get over her feelings for Jason. At first, Derek can hardly function independently, often referring to everything and everyone as Derek. Eventually, after being rebooted many times, he becomes a higher, all-knowing being.

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Mantzoukas is also known for his role as Adrian Pimento in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The former detective is paranoid and unstable after returning from working undercover with the mob for 12 years. Pimento quickly develops a fast-tracked romantic relationship with Rosa Diaz. Adrian tends to scare others as he's very abrasive, constantly thinks people are trying to kill him, and is willing to hurt anyone. Mantzoukas shines in each role, reflecting different personalities.

Adam Scott is well known for his role as Ben Wyatt in Parks And Recreation. Ben is the state auditor who evaluates Pawnee's funds and develops a sweet and loving relationship with Leslie Knope. Ben rarely has a bad word to say about anyone. Although he can be passive-aggressive, he's incredibly kind and caring.

Scott's other character, however, is the complete opposite. Scott plays Trevor in The Good Place, a demon from the Bad Place who is always looking for an opportunity to insult or degrade others. Trevor is sadistic and thoroughly enjoys torturing humans in the Bad Place. Although the characters have different personalities, Scott plays them both perfectly and is fantastic in both shows.

Maya Rudolph's most famous role in Schur's work is in The Good Place as Judge Gen, the pop-culture-obsessed immortal judge who sentences the four humans to the Bad Place. However, after hearing of Michael's experiment, she agrees to let them start their lives over on Earth to see if they can work together and become better people, earning them a spot in the Good Place.

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rudolph makes a cameo as Marshal Karen Haas, the officer in charge of Captain Holt and Peralta's witness protection case. She quizzes them on their new identities, but Jimmy "The Butcher" Figgis kidnaps her in an attempt to find them. Her authoritative roles, while still funny, are very different from her comedic characters.

Nick Offerman's most notable role is Ron Swanson in Parks And Recreation. Ron is the grumpy, government-hating boss of Pawnee's Parks and Recreation department. Although he never appears in The Office, he previously auditioned for the role of Michael Scott, which is likely why Schur remembered him for his next project.

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In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Offerman has a brief appearance as Frederick, Captain Holt's ex-boyfriend. He's almost as deadpan in this role as in Parks And Recreation, as he and Holt still hold grudges against each other for their breakup. Offerman also makes a quick cameo in The Good Place series finale as himself when Tahani shows up and requests he teaches her woodworking.

Ed Helms's most recognizable sitcom role is Andy Bernard in The Office. Initially, Andy seems like an obnoxious jerk but quickly becomes one of The Office's goofiest, most lovable characters. He has an affinity for the banjo, singing, and pastel clothing and always makes sure everyone knows he's a Cornell graduate. He's also been the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin for some time.

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Helms plays Jack Danger, the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) agent who works with Peralta and Boyle to track down a drug dealer's mailbox. Unfortunately for them, he's incompetent, openly degrades the NYPD, and ruins their drug bust. Although he can be arrogant and rude in both roles, Helms is too funny to hate.

Kate Flannery plays Meredith Palmer in The Office, an alcoholic mother who never takes her job very seriously. Meredith is hit by Michael's car, attacked by a rogue bat, and sent to the hospital multiple times throughout The Office. Flannery nails the role of Meredith as she learns further into these personality traits.

Flannery also portrays Marge "Mean Marge" Bronigan, the head of the Facilities Department in the 99th Precinct in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. When Boyle makes a mess and requests that Marge and her janitors clean it up, she goes on strike and refuses to help. Marge is so rude that even Captain Holt is afraid of her. While Flannery herself is very kind, she plays the meaner characters very well.

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