Blue Phase Random Copolymer Polypropylene (PP) with High Mfr and Clarity for High Speed ​​Injection Molding

 HY-N4960Properties:             Exterior-------------------------------------------------------------------Transparent granulesMFR ----------------------------------------------------------------------70~650min (2.16kg)Ash Content-----------------------------

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Exterior-------------------------------------------------------------------Transparent granules
MFR ----------------------------------------------------------------------70~650min (2.16kg)
Ash Content----------------------------------------------------------------------300 mg/kg
Tensile Strength----------------------------------------------------------------------25 Mpa
Flexural Modulus-------------------------------------------------------------------≥1000 Mpa
IZOD Impact Strength at 23ºC------------------------------------------------------------4 kJ/m²
Grade: Tranparent, High gloss, Thermostability, Food grade
Description: Random Copolymer PP with High flowabitlity, High transparency, Rapid forming and Low odor for the injection molding lines.
Widely applied for the food container, medical box, package of cosmetics, stationery and multi-media such as disposable meal box, cosmetics bottle and disposable cups.

Company Profile

As professional manufacturer of polyolefin, we, Shandong Orient Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd had been specialized in this industry for about 9 years from 2009 when it was registered with a capital of 164000000 CNY. We have 2 factories of polypropylene with granulation equipments of which the annual yield per line is about 180,000.00 metric tons. Besides, we have 2 polymerizing unit of polybutylene of the which the total output per year is 50,000 metric tons. Our products including PP homopolymer, PP random copolymer and polybutylene (PB-1), are all underwriting of CPIP.
Blue Phase Random Copolymer Polypropylene (PP) with High Mfr and Transparency for High Speed Injection Molding


1. We are a company with LPG further processing unit from which some of stock can be acquired, that make our cost some low.
2. Located at the crucial node of the Blue Economy Zone of Shandong Peninsula, the High-end Industry Gathering Zone of Jaodong Peninsula and the High-efficiency Economy Zone of Huanghe Delta, we have the advantages of convenient transportation and conspicuous location policy.
3. We have our own patents of product design and processing.
4. The professional R/D advantages of our company from the cooperation with the major national experiment institute in rubber and plastic industry.
Blue Phase Random Copolymer Polypropylene (PP) with High Mfr and Transparency for High Speed Injection Molding

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