Drawing Manufacturing Process Diamond Die

Key words PCD wire drawing die , PCD die , PCD wire die , PCD diamond drawing die Hole0.02 - 30mm Hole shapeRound , square , Hexagon ,flat and so on Case diameter10mm - 100mm&

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Wire Drawing Manufacturing Process Diamond Die and Mold
Wire Drawing Manufacturing Process Diamond Die and MoldWire Drawing Manufacturing Process Diamond Die and Mold
Key words PCD wire drawing die , PCD die , PCD wire die , PCD diamond drawing die 
Hole0.02 - 30mm 
Hole shapeRound , square , Hexagon ,flat and so on 
Case diameter10mm - 100mm 
Case thickenss 5mm - 70mm 
Application For all kinds of steel wire ; For copper wire ; For all kinds of hard & soft wire . 
Standard Tolerance0.001mm
BondCobalt based , silicon based , MONO , ND , tungsten carbide 
Grit 1um  - 3um - 5um - 10um - 25um - 50um 
Temperature resistant 650 degree, 1000 degree , 2000degree 
Quality GuaranteeQuality problem , we will exchange new one for you . 
Note 1.Mount at temperautres not exceeding 650 degree .                                               
2.Maximu recommend bearing diameter for "soft" nonferrous wire .
 " Hard " wire diameter normally should not exceed 65% of this diameter . 
Packingplastic bag & carton 
Shipping time5-7 work days 
Payment terms 100% prepayment by T/T , western union , Paypal , Credit 
Factory address Shangqiu city , Henan province , China 
Factory history26 years 
Factory main products 1. PCD die blanks   & PCD die                              
2. PDC cutter for oil drilling bit                                                                                
3. PCD cutting tools                                                                                                   
4. Diamond powder 
Processing :
  1. aw material checking , grit ,size , surface, sample testing
  2. Inner assembly
  3. External assembly
  4. Press by Cubic press machine with high temperature & high pressure (first testing)
  5. Grinding processing
  6. Laser cutting
  7. Clean , testing quality , get into stock
Note :
  1. Mounted at temperatures not exceeding 650°.
  2. Maximum recommend bearing diameter for "soft" nonferrous wire . "Hard" wire diameter normally should not exceed 65% of this diameter

Wire Drawing Manufacturing Process Diamond Die and Mold

All of our business is carried out in full compliance with the ISO9001 Certification.
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BWG Specification ---wire drawing die details
BWGinches      mmBWG    inches      mmBWG    inches      mm

WANKE HONGXIANG teach you how to choose good PCD die blanks ?
For the factory which produce PCD wire drawing dies , they always wish their PCD die quality it the best and get more and more good feedback from their customers . But for choosing PCD die blanks , which aspect should we notice ?
  1. Do you want PCD die blanks with higher temperature or low temperature ?  PCD dies blank has two types : 650 degree blanks & 1000 degree blanks . Their difference is in metal bond. 650 degree PCD blanks bond is cobalt-based . 1000 degree PCD blanks bond is silicon-based . Generally speaking , cobalt-based PCD die blanks quality & surface drawing is much better than silicon-based PCD die blanks . If you don't have any requirement in process temperature , we will advice you choose cobalt-based PCD die blanks , its quality is better .
  2. In addition ,when we choose PCD die blanks ,don't think we just choose best quality PCD die blanks , then we don't worry the finished PCD die quality . It's wrong !!!  As you know , different factories have their feature in PCD die blanks processing to clear their quality grade .So , when you get the PCD die blanks to process , advice you to talk to your supplier about the process details to avoid some problem which affect your dies quality .
  3. At the same time , we should also take PCD die usage into account .If your die usage is for soft wire , so you could choose unsupported PCD die blanks , because it is not very hard when drawing wires . If your die usage is for hard wire , and your die hole is a little bigger , you could choose supported PCD die blanks to avoid break when drawing . If you don't consider compressive strength of PCD die , if drawing machine speed is a little fast , it can make PCD die break , and make the whole wires break , can not be used .
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Wire Drawing Manufacturing Process Diamond Die and Mold


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