Here's how to make the Queen's not-so-practical shoe hack work for you

2022-11-07 19:31:21 By : Ms. Debby Qin

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You’ve bought a new pair of kicks, and you’re about to go show them off — but wait, tragedy strikes. The universe conspires against you, and you realize with a dawning horror that your brand-new shoes, although stylish, are chafing and blistering around the heel. Metal Shoe Expander


The solution? Just wear them anyways. Smile through the pain, and wait for the shoes to break in. This is the unfortunate way of doing things for us common folk, but that sort of truism isn’t nearly regal enough for the likes of Queen Elizabeth II.

The UK’s lovable monarch has found a way to hack new shoes that’s truly impressive. When she gets a new pair, she doesn’t put them on but instead hands them to a member of the royal staff to wear for a few days. The staff breaks them in, returns them to the queen when they’re soft, and hopefully gets a few bandaids for their blisters in return.

“Get a castle full of servants” isn’t practical advice for most of us, but there is a cool gadget that offers a similar solution (and no, it doesn’t require taking over a country).

A shoe stretcher is a handy little device that breaks in your shoes for you. It slips inside and can then be adjusted to put just a little pressure on the material that mimics a foot wearing it. Leave it for a few days, when you return to slip that shoe on, it’s as comfortable as if you’d worn it for weeks.

This four-way adjustable stretcher can be customized to fit into shoes of all sorts and apply pressure just where you need it. It’s suitable for both men’s and women’s styles and comes in several colors.

It's currently 34% off on Amazon. This mean means that you can experience queen-level luxury for less than she probably spends on a cup of tea. Grab yours on Amazon today so you never have to suffer through those first uncomfortable wears ever again.

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